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This website is an evolving compendium of the PowerPoint Sunday morning sermons by our minister, Dewayne Thomas and a downloadable set of audio sermons from our October 22 -26 2016 meeting. For the Powerpoint Archive, please click here. Power Point Sermons

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Please select from the following links for downloadable MP3 audio files of our recent meeting with Edward Anthony Marshall on "How to Live the Christian Life." He is married to a lovely wife, Melissa, and has three sons. Currently he works with the church in Seminole, Oklahoma, but has a wide variety of experience enabling him to "bring it home". His experience includes being a youth minister, playing football at OSU and for two pro teams, and he is an Iraq War Veteran. It was fun watching thirty or more teenagers sitting down front, spellbound, hanging on his every word and thumbing through their Bibles to find the verses. (He had threatened to ask some of them to read. They were ready.)

Sunday AM   "You Are: More than a Conqueror"

Sunday PM     "You Are: Significant"

Monday PM       "You Are: Part of the Plan"

Tuesday PM         "You Are: Part of the Family"

Wednesday PM       "You Are: Part of the Mystery"
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